Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Much excitement, of the academic variety

Today I had a goal. My goal was a few hours late, but I still met it before leaving!

My goal was to finish a draft of my paper, to give to my advisor (who left early, oops) before I left tonight. All I have left to do it print it, woohoo!

So to celebrate, I get to blog.

I found this, courtesy of Bird's wist, and can we say, wedding registry add? Ho boy, I can't wait to use this cake tin! They even suggest using it for ice cream cakes- bake a cake in the bottom part, and mold ice cream in the top! Clever, clever, Williams Sonoma.

Speaking of cake pans, I bought a tart pan this weekend! I've been wanting one for a while. I got a small one (8") at TJ Maxx when we went to replace my tea kettle (cannot live without a tea kettle). Actually we did well there, I got my mom a Spode deviled egg dish, and some turkey plates that she always drools over when she sees them, as well as some fun scrapbooking/card making type of doo-dads. I love TJ Maxx.

Today I came across a recipe for donuts, yum yum yum, that I'm dying to try- perhaps this weekend. They're donut holes, and baked (although brushed with butter, so only marginally healthier), and jelly-filled.

Tonight I aim to bake a third batch of scones. First batch was perfect, second batch was too wet, so ended up being dropped scones, but still delicious, and for the third batch, I think I'll use blueberries (frozen), so I'll probably end up freezing the batter. For this recipe, that's fine, you're supposed to freeze them before baking anyway.

Finally, an indulgence. On Wednesday, at my post-Disney grocery store trip, I splurged and bought devonshire cream. They serve this with tea at the Grand Floridian, and I love it. I used to have it fairly often, back when I had scones fairly often, but it'd been about a year since I had last had it, and far longer since I last bought any (it's gone up in price, now $6.99 for that bottle). Unfortunately, normal people cannot make true Devonshire (or clotted) cream, something about treatment of cream that's delivered to the grocery store ruins it for devonshire cream. If you can get cream straight from the cow, however, you're in luck! (I have no recipes, though).

.... I should try some of the mock Devonshire cream recipes out there, that might be almost as good.

In a pinch, you can just substitute cream cheese if you're having a tea and can't find any devonshire cream. It's totally not the same thing, but it'll do.

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Anonymous said...

i almost cried when my BFF and i walked into williams sonoma for her to buy this amazing thing and there was only ONE LEFT! it's on my wist so hopefully the Mister will take the hint for my birthday... in the meantime i'll just be fantasizing of the many wonderful things this baby can do!