Saturday, September 27, 2008

Fall foods

Falling for Ewe Swap question of the week #3:
What foods mean "fall" to you?

Well, in general, anything with apples or pumpkin as a main ingredient. The food I've been most excited to have this fall has been mulled cider... and it was worth waiting for! I hope to find a recipe for a quick pumpkin bread this fall, and I have serious plans to make lots of apple foods... starting this weekend with some apple cupcakes. I also love when candy corn is everywhere, we opened a bag of the candy corn-like pumpkinse last and ate about half...

I have high hopes for the cupcakes- I even bought a new pastry trip for frosting them, and fun striped cupcake wrappers. However, they are my reward for finishing the first draft of my thesis, so I have to write write write before I'm allowed to make them! Fortunately, at this point, I have outlines for the last two sections, and I should be able to finish writing them before heading home tonight. YAY.


Anonymous said...

quick pumpkin bread, eh? well, i am fresh from the Durham Fair where my super moist pumpkin bread earned a Second Place victory! i would be happy to share this recipe with my "secret" ingredient with you!

Myownigloo said...

Oooh! Bird, how about sharing it in the Comments Section, eh?