Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Tunbridge Fair: now we wait.

Today D and I took our stuff over to the Tunbridge Fair! My final tally of entries:
adult pullover (a Louisa Harding pattern, made in 2004)
adult cardigan (another Louisa Harding pattern, made in 2005)
adult vest (Lelah top- done sleeveless)
knit item, other (clapotis)
socks (slippery socks)
jewelry (same silver and tiger's eye necklace I entered in the Cornish Fair)
pottery, thrown (large lamp I made in high school)

drop cookies (coconut macaroons)
bar cookies (jam squares)
cupcakes (chocolate cherry cupcakse)
quick bread (gingered banana bread)
other (cherry scones)

Fingers crossed!!!!

I didn't finish the baby sweater. I got home at 8:45, baked and baked and baked, ate dinner, baked, etc, finally sat down to knit around 11:30. I never sewn in the ends of the Lelah top, so I did that, then worked on the baby sweater. By 1:30 I had 8 rows left of the sleeves (done 2 at a time), the whole collar (9 rows of 58 st) and all the seams. I had to give up- it wasn't worth being exhausted today. I also had to bake the scones this morning.

We're going to the fair on Sunday. I want some ribbons!! I also hope it doesn't rain too hard. Big E is Saturday, and I know that'll be really rainy, because it always pours the day we go to the Big E. It's part of the tradition, or trying to be.

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