Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I should start a wist.

Of course, it'd be filled with food-related items, otherwise I wouldn't post it here. wamozart12 cooks, after all.

Look at this. Buy your own gum paste.
Gum paste (and fondant, the key difference is that gum paste is softer than fondant, and stays soft if it touches buttercream. however, gum paste is often used to make fondanty decorations (i.e. placed on top of rolled fondant, which is on top of buttercream) is not exactly easy to make. You need weird ingredients (incidentally, these are items I use regularly in lab, but I'm not about to bring bottles of reagents home to use to make a cake).

KAF also sells this cupcake pan I've featured before, and since I can actually get to KAF any time I want (whereas WS requires a 2.5hr drive), I might run over there... or perhaps request gift cards for Christmas. O.O

But really, the goal I had when I got side tracked by all these lovelies was unique cupcake wrappers. My grocery store has the regular ones (pastel pink, yellow or blue, with or without the silver wrapper) and the all natural, organic, vegan, no-animals-were-harmed-in-the-making-of-these-cupcake-wrappers kind (because I live in the UV). I want fun ones! Little orange pumpkins, or christmas trees, or hearts or flowers or stripes or polka dots. Anything. If the cupcakes themselves are lovely, why must they have such dull wrappers?
These are lovely, but $12.95/dozen, so not ideal.

Searching for wrappers... these white filigreed ones are lovely, but $12.95/dozen- not ideal.

However, here are Lilly Pulitzer meets J Crew meets cupcake wrappers.... perfect! $4 for a package of 80, from fancyflours.com. They have a nice variety, including the above filigreed ones (which I originally found on amazon.com)

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caroline said...

As a lover of anything argyle and cupcakey, I love those argyle cupcake liners! It's strange, but the grocery stores around here don't even carry the boring ones-- I have to go to a cooking or arts/crafts store to get them.