Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Kaputt: Ein blog auf Deutsch.

Ich habe mein kaffee-mahler gebrochen. Oder, mein kaffee-mahler habe sich gemahlen.

Ich brauche ein zweiter. Wieviel kosten den?

(Intended translation, because my German is extremely rusty: I broke my coffee grinder. I tend to switch to German when thinking/talking about coffee.)

In other news, I'm sorely undercaffeinated because I can never make coffee strong enough using pre-ground grounds. yech. I tried to buy one as I was hurriedly running errands today, and stopped in Kohl's for some Hose without Toes (no, they do not carry that), and they don't seem to carry coffee grinders. I'll have to stop at Board & Basket sometime.

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A. Michael said...

Extremely rusty, indeed. But cute! Had my laugh, I'm done and gone... :)