Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Bits and Pieces

I think it's going to be one of those weeks. I also think I've officially Begun To Freak Out about graduating- I'm glad it's now, very early, so I can deal with it before the time crunch comes.

I'm still enjoying my risotto as leftovers. The recipe said it would feed 4, but so far we've gotten 5 meals out of it, and I think what's left will give me two more lunches.

I'm getting ready for the Tunbridge Fair. I've had two late (til 2 or 3am) nights so far, and I'm fairly sure tonight will be a third. Everything has to be delivered tomorrow, and I think Denise and I will go over in the early afternoon to take our (and our boys') things.

Last night I finished my Slippery Socks.

I started the sleeves on a UFO Peapod Sweater I came across. Luckily, I started the newborn size. The sleeves are about 20% done, have to do the collar (pick up 58 stitches and knit 9 rows) and all the seams. I think this could easily be done tonight, and still let me get to bed at a decent hour, but....

I also have to bake. Banana bread (quick to prepare the batter, 70min to bake), jam squares (quick to mix together, 20min to bake, at the same temp as the banana bread, yay) and coconut macaroons (which I could even make in the morning, that's about 20 min from getting the ingredients to taking out of the oven). Finally, I have to stuff and frost the cupcakes I made last night (I burned half, sigh- not badly burned, just noticeably).

As you can see, it's a bunch of stuff to do- not even counting sewing in the ends on my Lelah top and baking scones tomorrow morning, so that they'll be fresh and as good as possible for the judging on Thursday.

We're going to the Tunbridge Fair on Sunday, because we have to pick up our things on Sunday to take home. On Saturday, we're going to the Big E YAY!! I love the Big E. This should have been an answer to the "what I love about fall" post. I adore the Big E. I've been going since before I could remember. My mom used to fake doctor's appointments for me in elementary school so we could run away to the Big E for the afternoon. It was awesome.

I am extremely specific at teh Big E, there are things that must be done. First, we go to the state buildings (starting at the end near RI), and go through them all. We buy Del's frozen lemonade and clam fritters in RI, this is 2nd breakfast (first breakfast having consisted of toast and eaten in the car). In VT, NH and MA, we buy bags and bags of maple sugar candy and taste-test later. In MA we buy raspberries, maple cream in tiny ice cream cones, and honey bears. In VT, we stop off so Dad can have a beer.

Then we go to the Grange building, tell everyone that works there the people active in our Grange that they might know, buy some jellies and pointless do-dads to give them money, and check out the things on exhibit.

After this, our schedule varies. We usually make our way to all the vendors and see what fun things are for sale, and at some point, we'll possibly have lunch at the Storrowton Tavern (an actual sit-down restaurant), we'll go to teh better living building and try to get samples of whatever "as seen on tv" things we can find. We'll go to the animal buildings and someone will have to drag me away from the incubator with all the chicks in it. We'll go to the sheep building (probably not buy any yarn in the Wool Knook, unfortunately, it's been kind of boring for the past few years), baa at the sheep and goats, and mosey over to the cow building and get a 4oz milkshake for $1. We'll end the day with those tiny little donuts that are made right in the window of the trailer, and on the way out, buy a big thing of kettle korn.

This year, Mom and I aren't volunteering in the Craft Adventure building. This is the first time we haven't in..... um.... probably longer than I can remember. They changed the volunteer shifts from 2hours to 4 hours, and 4 hours is just too long, even if you do get free parking and admission. So we'll have much more time for fairing.

In non-Fair news, I finally heard from my future boss. She wants me to work on a zebrafish project! Zebrafish! huh. I wonder if I have to kill them myself. I guess I could do that with fish, but taking them apart.... ew. My salary won't give me much more money than I get now, which is very disappointing, and I'm super glad that Clint got his new job.

I still have not heard from my spoilee for the Falling for Ewe Autumn Yarn Swap, which kind of annoys me. I have most of her first package assembled, and I want to mail it when I go home for my high school reunion on the 19th, so I can mail it from another state, but I don't want to finalize any of the stuff until I hear from her. She finally updated her blog, so she's around. My spoiler, on the other hand, seems very cool and I can't wait for my first package! (no rush, though, I'm excited in a patient way)

I skipped going to the gym on Sunday and yesterday I could hardly walk. :-/ I decided to also skip yesterday, so I must, must go today. I'm trying to fit into a dress for an October wedding (I'd also wanted to wear it to reunion, but I'm not sure if 11 days will be enough time to fit into it,
especially when I'll probably only get to the gym 5 more times), so gym is important.

Oh I want to make pumpkin bread soon. Does anyone have a good pumpkin bread recipe?

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