Thursday, May 2, 2013

April Foodie Penpal Guest Post

For April, I sent a package to Geneva. From what she told me, it sounded like she liked the same things I did, so I put together a package of some of my favorite ingredients. Here's what she thought (I'm so glad you enjoyed everything, Geneva!):

My name is Geneva Brown and I received a package from Catherine who was my April Foodie PenPal.  It was one of my favorites so far.  It contained a Lake Champlain rum caramel dark chocolate bar.  I had never tried that particular bar, but was very excited because caramel with chocolate is my favorite.  The thought of having rum flavoring added was more than I could handle.  It did not disappoint either.
Also in the box were two packs of spices from Penzey's.  One was Herbs de Provence which I use all the time.  It is the best blend for vegetables.  I love to use it on egg recipes.  In fact I made an asparagus quiche on Sunday and used both of the spice blends.  The other one was Northwoods Seasonings.  It has rosemary, paprika, etc.  I know it will be wonderful on Potatoe Salad and fish also and am looking forward to trying it out on some of my favorite recipes.
Thank you Catherine for the great package.