Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Look what I made!


and..... ICE CREAM!!!!!!!1 (er, gelato) As well as honey cardamom madeleines and fig pecan biscotti. I heart my ice cream maker.
Gelato, step by step:
orange-lemon gelato, with coffee beans, starts with orange and lemon peel, and coffee beans.

Add 2 cups of milk to the flavors, scald.

Add 5 egg yolks and 3/4 cup sugar, cook til thickened, then strain out the solids.

Cool the custard, then pour it in your ice cream maker (which has been chilling for a while)

Mix- look how regal she is!

20 min of mixing produces ice cream!

It's really sweet, next time I will cut way back on the sugar- 1/2cup would probably be plenty, maybe even less. Next on the ice cream list is strawberry balsamic gelato. I'm tempted to do sorbet, though... we'll see.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My absense...

Sorry for the lack of posts! I have been cooking very little. I'll get some pictures up soon, of 94 cupcakes that I frosted last Friday, and some other tastiness.

I've been knitting a bit, mittens for mom and baby blankets and sweaters for people. I'm going to finish all the baby knitting and then get on some mittens for myself.

But the main thing I've been doing is packing! I'm moving in a week and a half. I don't have an apartment yet, so I'll be staying with a cousin who has room to spare, probably for a month. I'll continue to look for an apartment and hopefully be able to move in around March 1st.

I hate packing. How in the world did I accumulate so much stuff?? Sigh.

Monday, January 5, 2009

A posh New Year's

We rang in the New Year in style this year. First we head over to M&M's house for a vast array of treats to munch on while playing Apples to Apples, before the ball dropped. I should have eaten more, but I kind of forgot (but what I had was delish! Especially the bruschetta).

In the morning we went over to Town and County to hobnob with country clubbers, and dined on a big buffet of good food (my favorite were the eggs benedict on brioche, and pear, candied walnut and gorgonzola salad. The seafood bisque was unimpressive, and so I was sad- I was really looking forward to it). They had lovely-looking (I stress looking, the taste left much to be desired, unfortunately) cookies.

In other tasty-foods news, my peppermint bark is almost done (yay and boo). It was delicious, but I've been trying for a while to eat healthier, and kind of gave up before Thanksgiving, thinking I'd just wait til January to eat healthy again. So I need that bark gone. It was super easy, I recommend it.
Right now I'm in the midst of hurried revisions and packing, so cooking will be slow for a while (probably until after I move). However, I'm going to the grocery store tonight, as they're having their big citrus caselot sale, and I have high hopes of buying a box or 2 of 40 pink grapefruits. I tend to go through a box that size in a little over a week, so buying 2 right now is tempting- they might be gone by next week. And no, I don't share the grapefruit. :)