Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Domestic Goddess Gets Dressed

or tries to, at least.

I need shoe opinions. Unfortunately, you have to go without dress pictures. But in appropriate-for-autumn ness, what do you think? The dresses I'd consider these for currently are a black/red/fuschia/white print bubble skirt dress (the effect is a dark-ish red/fuschia) or a royal blue with black mesh/lace overlay (for a dark, dark blue effect) with embroidered embellishments empire waist dress.

I worry the last pair, the d'orsay style (with lovely 2.5in heels, my perfect heel height) are too light for fall. However.... wedding shoes? 0.0

The dark blue dress- this is it in "teal", so the color's not as dark as mine is, but otherwise it's the same thing. This is appropriate as "cocktail attire", no?

Red dress.... and close-up of the pattern

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Anonymous said...

the d'orsay heels are stunning!! i say buy them and have them double as wedding shoes!! they're perfect!! and eek, you know me, i'm just partial to pink so of course i love the pink shoes over the black... but then again, reality hits and you probably will be getting more use out of black ones... (But really, reality and shoe shopping never really wed).