Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Knitting update

I'm usually good about not having too many WPIs around. UFOs are another story- those have been set aside indefinitely. but WPIs, that's different.

I have a bunch now, I think too many. However, one is nearly done, one is half done, one I'm enjoying thoroughly (probably because it's fairly mindless compared to everything else) and one... I'll probably enjoy more once I get more into the pattern.

I have a handful of Christmas gifts-to-be to be worked on, and I think I've chosen patterns and at least have an idea of the yarn to use for all of them. For the most part, they are small-ish accessory items, so I hope I could finish 3 a month. This is, of course, assuming I get all my current WPIs out of the way first.


Anonymous said...

ooooo! i recognize that pinwheel anywhere!! how are you enjoying knitting it? and with what are you knitting with? i have THREE BABIES on the way so basically i'm behind before i even started. geeeeeze. but i LOVE that pattern! so great.

Catherine said...

Ok, the first 4 or 5 rows on that pinwheel were HELL. I frogged it 4 times, and the 5th was finally good enough (not exactly right, but whatever). My dpns kept twisting without my noticing it, because how can you really tell with 5 stitches? But by the time I got to about 30-40 stitches, I was in love. I'm using Lion Brand Cotton-ease, which I also love- I really really like knitting with cotton blends. I will be knitting more pinwheels, and one for myself to pack away until it's my turn- I might as well start early, right?