Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Oh, hello yumminess!

I saw this on Cupcakes Take the Cake today. Can we say yum? I totally want to bake some cupcakes tonight. Or chocolate chip cookies... oh, or both.(photo swiped from the CTtC post, property of them and the people they swiped it from)

They're classic vanilla cupcakes with a dollop of chocolate chunk cookie dough instead of frosting. They say:
Despite the slight risk of Salmonella and other food-bourne illnesses, cookie dough has probably been eaten by every American since the raw dough craze took off in the early 1990’s — in ice creams, refrigerated tubes, and straight from the mixing bowl. Here it’s transplanted on a vanilla cupcake as a frosting substitute. When I brought these to a cupcake social hosted by Rachel and Nichelle of Cupcakes Take the Cake last week (just something I scraped together on a whim, which I’ll describe further below), I had no idea the reception they would receive. Rachel’s eyes nearly popped out of their sockets when I told her what was on them — no, it’s not chocolate chip cookie dough-flavored frosting, it’s really the raw dough. This is more or less the same reaction that occurred with everyone else at the party once they found out.

However.... cookie dough ice cream doesn't actually have eggs in the cookie dough. Honestly, I have a few reservations on the safety of this recipe (see above link), but doesn't it look good? I'll let you know if I find an egg-less cookie dough recipe. The egg-less stuff is not as good a dough as regular, but it might be safer to make in advance than eggy dough.

Edit: ha, I knew I'd find an egg-less cookie dough if I used teh interwebs! This recipe is from Lynette's kitchen (oops, with a broken link) by way of Tori at mamabaker.wordpress.com, who posted her recipe as a comment on CTtC. (side note: Tori has a nice blog, I'd check it out)

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