Sunday, September 7, 2008

Falling For Ewe Swap Question of the week

The organizer of the "Falling for Ewe" Autumn yarn swap is starting a question of the week, to be answered on our blogs.

What is your favorite thing about fall?

Oh, nice question! Fall is my favorite season. I love all the seasons (summer the least, it's too hot, ugh), but I get more excited when I see the trees changing color and apple orchards opening for pick-your-own apples than I do for new leaves sprouting on trees, and the first snowfall. (Although I have to say, part of my love for fall assumes that winter is close behind, but you still have the expectation of winter coming- I like Christmas Eve better than Christmas Day for the same reason)

So, why I love fall.
The weather gets pleasant again, and you don't have to worry you'll get heatstroke from walking into town (I really hate the heat, I kind of dread moving to MA, where it gets above 90 regularly).
I love fall cooking- apples, pumpkins, various squashes, and tomatoes (in early fall) are in season and plentiful. I love days with a little chill in the air that make you want to stand near the stove and oven.
I love the rich colors of fall, especially after the spring colors fade into dried-out and anemic-looking summer colors.
Halloween. I love Halloween. I'm going to be really mad this year if I'm sick on Halloween again and have to miss out on it. (I'm using the costume I planned for last year, because it was a really good idea)
Thanksgiving: it's a holiday revolving around food!! What's not to love? Plus pumpkin pie, yum. I go all out on TG pies.
Pumpkins. They're so nice and orange and round. I love buying pumpkins of all sizes and arranging them on my coffee table.
Apple Cider. With Mulling Spices. (let's not talk about the number of tins of mulling spices I keep on hand, or about the amount of apple cider I can go through in a week) (and why didn't I buy any cider at the farmer's market yesterday?!)
Finally, I love the smell of late fall, that slightly smokey-ness in the air at twilight.

(Things I hate about fall: yellow jackets come out full-force, the sun is low in the sky and makes it difficult to drive at certain times, and I don't really like many of the flowers in season during the fall- I think I can work on that, though. Finally, the farmer's market only goes through the end of October! I'm always sad to see that go)

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