Friday, September 12, 2008


I ordered them last night around 10 or 11, and they still haven't shipped! grrr incredible impatience.

Sigh. I'd kinda hoped they'd come tomorrow. It'll probably turn out that I paid $15 for the 2-day shipping and get them on Wednesday.

In packages-not-arriving-related news, I continue to detest Fedex. The first time they shipped something to me, I got a phone call a day or two after the package should have arrived, from a guy saying he needed my correct address, because it was written down as "Wolf Rd", which doesn't exist in my town. Um. It took an in-depth conversation to convince him that, yes, Wolf Rd does exist, and there are 4 condo complexes on it, as well as houses, so you'd think they'd have heard of it! Well anyway, I ordered a package last week (which I thought I needed by Monday, but luckily I did not) that finally shipped Friday, sat for 3 days in a warehouse in Mississippi (or Michigan? One of those western Ms), and still has not arrived. 5-10 my butt, I ordered it 9 days ago. When I order things shipped by UPS or DHL (even UPS ground from CA or AZ) they come in 2-4 days. Fedex should be Feddragsalongslowly.

I made a different kind of smoothie last night (since I should have something about cooking): chocolate soy milk, nonfat fudge swirl ice cream/froyo (Clint's), one container of nonfat vanilla yogurt, and a banana. It was.... smooth. Tonight I'll be doing peach, peach "nectar", and coconut gelato. Or possibly apricot nectar. I think I'm not one for bananas in smoothies.

Edit: Monday, 9/15: The shoes have arrived!! I'll get to see them when I go home tonight!!

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