Monday, September 15, 2008


Well, I got my shoes, and they're awesome.

Then I went to try them on with the dresses (look great! yay!) and MY RED DRESS BROKE. Dammit. I am so upset right now! 1. the red dress is brand new, and 2. now what am I going to wear to reunion?

:( >goes off and cries<


Anonymous said...

omg you are totally striking out on this one, Cat. you know what this means? Marie is authorizing you to go out and buy a brand new dress. An expensive one. You know, to make you feel better about all of this chaos!

Catherine said...

I actually have an Ann Taylor Loft trip planned for Sunday (hopefully Clint won't complain much, he doesn't know yet). I have $75 in savings cards, and it's a "spend $75 save 15%" weekend. I will share pics of my spoils on Monday. :)