Wednesday, October 6, 2010

CSA #16

I'm so behind! I haven't even cooked much with our CSA goodies, we're getting into hardier veggies like winter squash and more onions and potatoes, and many of the other things have just gone straight into the freezer.
Swiss chard (washed, roughly chopped, boiled for 5 min and frozen), beets (greens frozen, prepared like the chard), a butternut squash (currently part of our dining table centerpiece), 1 summer squash (grouped with leftover squashes from the previous 2 weeks: chopped and frozen), 4 pears (will tell you about that later), 1 bell-like pepper (in the fridge).

4lbs of tomatoes (blanched to remove skins and frozen), lettuce (salad), 2 leeks (one used in this halibut curry that I probably won't blog about- I overcooked the fish terribly, but the sauce was good. I used 1 leek and 2 small onions instead of the onions and scallions).
And flowers!

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