Thursday, September 23, 2010

CSA #15

CSA #15 came on a stressful day. Normally, Clint picks up the CSA shares. Sometimes I go with him, if I can get off work early enough. He was away on business this week, so I had to do it- which is fine, I'm actually sad I can't go more often. Unfortunately, my lab picked the same day to have an apple picking/baking outing, which meant I had to drive from 2 towns over from where I work (in the opposite direction from the CSA pick-up) to get my CSA. During rush hour. And then the AC in my car started to leak. And I was leaving for Florida the next day. And because of all this trouble, I was late checking in for our Southwest flight, and got in stuck in the B group (B06 and B07, but still). And then I had a huge computer glitch (ok, maybe not huge, but it left me completely unable to do what I half needed, half really really wanted to do) and I had to give up on it.

So, uuugh.

But that was yesterday, this is today, and I'm going to Disney World this afternoon. All in all, YAY.

But CSA #15:
The bouquet of flowers was small, but very cheerful and pretty, and made me feel better.
(the sunflowers on the right are actually from last week's bouquet- sunflowers last really well)

1lb of tomatoes (nearing the end of the tomato harvest), a delicata squash, some carrots, a bell pepper (::shudder::), a single squash, a big bunch of parsley, a respectable bunch of cilantro,

basil, 2 heads of lettuce, a bunch of chard, and raspberries!

I ate the raspberries. Not all, but most- I do have to save some for Clint when he gets home.

I used the chard and some of last week's basil last night (recipe will come later) for something to freeze, I froze the parsley, and everything else is going to wait for us to return from FL. Fortunately the tomatoes we've been getting have an excellent shelf life, so far I've been able to keep them around for nearly 2 weeks before they even hint at going bad. (Last night I cooked up the rest of last week's tomatoes, which I'll have to tell you about soon- I've been trying to prep a lot of food to freeze to use later.)

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