Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Valentine's Day Prep

Last year I was super gung-ho on Valentine's Day decorations. I was in a better place a year ago, however: February 14th (aside from being the day my dear friend's son was born) was my last day at my horrible, terrible, no-good job. I was SO relieved to get out of there. I had many leads for new jobs, and I felt great. Valentine's Day was a wonderful day, and I was so inspired to decorate for it.

This year, Valentine's Day is the 1 year anniversary of my last day of a job. I'm still unemployed, and to say it's depressing is a huge understatement. But all the same, decorating for Valentine's Day is a jolly thing, so I'm trying to force myself into it. Because honestly, cute things cheer me up. Why do you think I wear Lilly every day?

Last year I made (and pinned on pinterest) these great little hearts. They're quick and easy and adorable. Today I'm thinking I'll make some with Lilly's White Zin wrapping paper and hang them from our dining room chandelier.

I also sewed some felt heart pillows, although honestly, I only finished one, the second still needs to be sewn together. And I feel silly for placing the "LOVE" on the right side so it curves backwards... I assure you, the first one I made, I did it properly.But this year... I'm still looking for more inspiration. I have a Valentine's scarf in my etsy shop (don't worry, I made one for myself, too!)

And I recently saw these adorable Valentine's Day gift tags from Preppy Paper Designs' etsy shop. Oh... and the best part? You can a pair of her notepads in Lindsey's blogoversary giveaway on Keep It Classy Alabama! Go, enter! Good luck!

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