Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The New Black Friday

I wasn't planning to post so much about Lilly this week, but it's been a very busy Lillyweek.

As I mentioned before, yesterday was the Endless Summer Sale that I'd been waiting for all year. Compared to last year's sale, this one started out much more smoothly- the site didn't crash, I didn't get my account frozen while trying to log back in during the site crash, ladies didn't post nasty messages about it on the Lilly facebook page (as if the people manning the facebook page are the code monkeys responsible for the site's less-than-stellar construction), and of course, the selection of sale items was incredible.

Enter TDE: The Dreaded Email.

The new site could handle all the shoppers, but the inventory wasn't updated as quickly as we shoppers would have hoped. Last night, many people were plagued with TDE. Even I got TDE. So, more nasty facebook posts and customer service emails and phone calls ensued.

To which I say,
Really? With all the problems we have in this world, global warming, rising fuel prices, and the old standbys, hunger and war, you're losing your head because you didn't get to buy a dress you wanted? I WISH that were my biggest problem.

Yes, I lost some stuff. I lost the Lulu
and the Stephanie
But you know what? They're dresses. Dresses are not absolutely necessary, especially ones you get on sale. They're exciting, definitely. Enjoyable, fun, lovely. But is a lost dress that you weren't charged for any worth really ripping a poor customer service rep a new one? Especially when everyone with a canceled order was given a free $25 off their next purchase?

Apparently I'm in the minority when I think not.

So Lilly Pulitzer, thank you for a very fun sale. Thank you for the new site, with its search by print option, that did not crash yesterday. Thank you for staying up all night the few days before to ensure that it would run smoothly. Most of all, thank you for the items we did get, for such low prices, and for offering such a huge variety.

I'm sad I lost those two dresses, but like I said, not the end of the world. There's still plenty to choose from! This morning I ended up ordering a Jonah in purple, perfect for fall, although I do have doubts about its fit

and I'm really considering a Dolly...


Jen R. said...

well said! While I was sad that I lost two items I was happy that they extended a $25 credit off my next order and I was able to get a pair of shorts for $14! However, I usually am of the motto that if you can't do something well don't do it...and I just hope that they get better code monkeys next year to keep the inventory up to date!

Jen R. said...

P.S. I just went back to the Lilly site and was able to get a purse that I missed out on yesterday! Here's hoping it isn't an inventory error!