Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The biggest, most frantic day of the year.

And the most exciting!

No, it's not the last shopping day before Christmas, it's the annual Lilly online end-of-summer sale!
Along with thousands of other Lilly fans across the country (continent? world?), I am (im)patiently waiting for the sale to open. It's a bit chilly today, so I threw on the fleece I bought in last year's sale- as a kind of good luck charm, you might

Signature shops opened their sales at midnight last night, and I browsed all of them! I bought an orange crush Char top from The Pink Pelican, I already have two, so couldn't pass up another at half price, especially when it was only left in my size!


Oh my! I went to check lillypulitzer.com and the sale was live. In 10 minutes I found, digitally grabbed and bought:
A Finn in Navy, $188 down to $64

A Lulu, originally $198, down to $49!
A Murfee, originally $98 down to $34!

And a tablecloth for $49!- I didn't even know they made tablecloths!!

Fastest money I ever spent...

None of these items were on my wish list, but I never dreamed that particular Lulu or a Finn would show up at all, and the Murfees started at $34. So this is very exciting! Now back to my normal day...


I went back for another round. Well, actually, 2 more rounds, but one is full of presents so I won't share it yet.

Someone on relilly mentioned the incredible steal of the Jillie, which I'd overlooked. A huge bargain?! Must go back!
Jillie, Originally $328, now $39!

Don't laugh, but I got this as a potential maternity dress. Hey, for that price?! I really do think the only way this'll look good is if I'm actually pregnant.

Other great buys I ended up skipping included:

Adalie Wrap Dress for $49
Main Line jeans for $49
Jonah Dress for $49


Anonymous said...

mmmm......... LP eye candy! we made out like bandits, i tell you. BANDITS! hah!

Anonymous said...

p.s. i love your lulu. those were all sold out when i got there! and with a new lilly tablecloth, does that mean cocktail time!?

Catherine said...

It's always cocktail time at my house!

Jen R. said...

I love your picks! I also picked up my first murfee! I also got a tablecloth, tote, shorts, polo and a skirt! It was a Lilly-rific day!