Monday, July 5, 2010

Cross Country Travels, I

Monday: Day 1 in Washington, DC.

Over the weekend we were in CT and NJ, and had a variety of good food. We had dinner at Max's Burger Bar on LaSalle Rd in West Hartford, CT. Our meal was very tasty (and filling) and only a little pricey for the amount of food. Clint had the "Grateful Veg" quinoa burger, and I had the tuna burger with julienned veggies and sriracha aioli.

And we wondered, which is healthier: a veggie/quinoa burger with cheese, or a standard hamburger without cheese?

After a surprisingly easy trip (I supposed to make up for the difficulties in embarking on said trip (starting with the cat getting sick and needing to get to the vet asap (small infection, she should be fine, the worst part is not being there to verify that she's improving, and having to call up the people caring for her in our absence for daily reports) and ending with forgetting several things, including the money at home in MA), we arrived in Washington, DC at 11am and got our hotel room right away. And... proceeded to nap. And walk around in the oppressive heat, and nap some more. By the time we were finally ready to venture out for dinner, it was 7:30. Clint voted for the Brickskeller, a restaurant specializing in an impressive selection of beer that he'd been to in 2001, when he was here for a conference.

Clint said they had a lot of beer. I thought, meh, whatev. Like 20 kinds? Nice, but not impressive. I did not expect this. Scroll through that. Have fun. We
'll see you in a few hours.

At such a restaurant, which apparently has been granted a very unfair 2 stars (I guess people give stars based on the food variety? Come on, it's an American pub), I decided it would be wrong, nay, insulting, to not order a drink from their impressive menu. They had a number of mixed drinks using beer (Snakebite (lager and cider), Black Velvet (stout and champagne), Ruddy Mary (bloody Mary with beer, not vodka), and an intriguing concoction of Scottish beer, whiskey and drambuie), I ordered a Sam Adams cider- and immediately felt guilty. Yum, cider (that's not the issue), but it's Sam Adams, my local brewery. But I'd never heard of it. Fortunately, before I could decide whether to feel content or guilty, the waitress returned to say they were all out (is this why there were only 2 stars? Yes, they were out of a number of beers on the menu, but come on, if you can't find something else y
ou want, you have more problems than eating at a sub-par restaurant), so I went with a Blackthorne Cider. Yum! It's more full/bodied than Woodchuck, and just about as good as Magners.

Then... since Clint was going to get a second drink (he started with an Estonian beer, and then had the Ace of Hearts El Salvadorian beer), I had a beer.
The Pyramid (Seattle, WA) Apricot Ale. Yum. I need to get more of this.

Food: we split onion rings (delicious, and not greasy at all), and Clint had a pulled pork sandwich (he loved). I satisfied by my veggie cravings with a dressing-free cobb salad (all super fresh ingredients, so nice). The food was good (onion rings were great), but the beer was simply wow.

Also, we passed Hello, Cupcake! On the way. I will now do my cupcakerie research so we're prepared next time we leave the hotel.

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