Thursday, February 25, 2010

A productive Ravelympics evening

I finished 2 of my Ravelympics projects! Now I have a total of 4 finishes: frogging the pink sweater, reknitting the pink sweater, and these two.

Baby sweater:

And neckwarmer for a swap:

A navy elbow-length sleeved sweater and a pair of socks for Clint still remain. I believe I stand a chance of finishing the sweater- if I knit fast.

Today I also baked more Swedish cardamom bread. Interesting discovery: if I wake up the yeast during breakfast, let the dough rise 8 hrs while I'm at work, and let the shaped loaves rise during dinner, I can have fresh-from-the-oven bread for dessert. This is extremely convenient- and probably means we'll never purchase bread again.

Now to calculate the cost efficiency of homemade bread- but I'm sure the taste is worth the money.


affectioknit said...

The sweater and the neckwarmer are both lovely! You deserve GOLD!

Megan said...

lovely! I really need to join the Ravelympics next time! Awesome job with the completed projects!

Mama McCares said...

I am impressed!!