Sunday, February 21, 2010

Knitting Olympics Update

I don't think I've really mentioned it much here, but I'm involved in the Ravelympics (knitting Olympics) this year. Basically, you enter projects (however many, and whatever type you choose) and you must start them no earlier than the beginning of the opening ceremonies, and finish them by the end of the closing ceremonies. I participated in the 2008 summer Olympics (knit my garter), but never officially finished. This year I actually joined a team and having the support of a group of people, even though it's all online, has been a lot more helpful- or maybe I've finally figured out how it all works.

Originally, I was going to focus on a pair of socks for Clint, for the "sock hockey" event. Then I discovered WIPs Dancing- finish all your unfinished "works in progress", as long as you haven't worked on them for a month prior to the opening ceremonies. Do you know how many unfinished sweaters I have in my yarn tubs?

Originally I was going to finish Dogwood Donna, a pink shortsleeved sweater I began in 2007, made the wrong size, "frogged" (ripped apart), knit again, screwed up the ribbing, and started over- then got too sick of it- it's actually a rather boring pattern. I was also going to work on what I call my "Stupid Berroco Sweater", a pattern by Berroco (a yarn brand) that sorely needed editing before they published it. I knit according to the directions, couldn't figure out why the shoulders were completely wrong (more like a halter top), but then someone told me what the fix was- only I was so disgusted I never bothered to do it.

So here's Donna, before and after.

I don't have a full picture of the stupid berroco sweater, because.... I can't find it! Another casualty of the move (note how heart-broken I am, ha)

But while digging around in my yarn tub, I found other forgotten WIPs:

Papillion (from Winter 2007 Knitescene), an elbow-length sleeved boatneck sweater- I knit the front, realized it was way too big, so reknit the front and knit maybe 2 rows of the back, before giving up (the smaller piece is the piece I'm taking apart, because it was too wide)

Baby sweater for baby P: started on the honeymoon, then when we got home, I finished the body of it, got excited by my new sock yarn, and kind of forgot to knit the sleeves and hat. I currently just need to knit the hat, and sew on 6 buttons.

I found a couple other things that technically are unfinished, but one is a sock using a pattern that is both annoying/confusing to follow, and horribly boring, and the other only has 4 rows knit, and uses a yarn that I can't easily buy (unless I go online) and will be rather expense to purchase right now.

And I also realized I need to knit something for a swap I'm in, and finally decided what to make this girl: a neckwarmer. So I have the ingredients for it, and will hopefully start tonight (once I finish the baby hat). I still haven't officially entered this project yet, but I will before I start it.
This leaves the pair of socks for Clint: originally my only Ravelympics project. I suppose you either think I don't sleep or am a knitting phenom, but really... I'm going to forfeit Clint's sock. I feel bad, but I knit for 4 or 5 hours yesterday (during a CTDAR state board meeting, and did not get in trouble, like I was sure I would) and got this much done, on the first sock.
I'm about halfway done with the leg. These are not speedy socks. The current plan is to finish everything above, then work solely on the socks, and just see how far I can get. Maybe I can get one done.

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