Monday, September 12, 2011

A Little Starstruck...

Tonight we went to a They Might Be Giants concert. It was my first, Clint's 4th, and Ryan's 1000th (ok not really, but almost). After the concert (thoroughly enjoyable, despite the cold and damp of the outdoor venue), we stopped in at the Norwich Inn Pub for a beer. I had the Light Humor, a classic Belgian style witbier, which was quite good! I guess I'm finally turning into a beer drinker after all.

So we're chatting, we're laughing, and John Flansburgh from TMBG comes in the bar with his suitcase.... !!!! And asks if they have wifi and has a short conversation with the bartender. The bartender comes over to us (since we'd already told him we'd been to the TMBG concert and had chatted with owner about the concert) and says,

"That might be a giant, right?"

We (mostly one of us) decided we'd hang out and see if he came back. It took a while... but then the other owner came in and said one of the bandmembers wanted a manhattan charged to room XX and he'd be right down. !!

So waiting paid off. Mr Flansburgh is an excellent conversationalist with lots of interesting info about the music industry we'd never even thought of. And we got pictures :)
Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to tell him how much I enjoyed seeing the knitting sock puppets during the show.

What I wore to the concert:
It was an outdoor concert, but a early-fall-warm to start, so I layered. I wore my cedar knit tank (purchased from Smart Bargains, came without the belt, but I wouldn't wear the belt anyway so I don't mind). I really like this top, it's stylish without being fussy, and it's cut to flare a bit so it's great if you're having a fat day (not that I was this particular time!). It's made of a silk blend jersey, so the only downside is you have to hand wash. I'm starting to mind that less and less. Also my Caroline cardigan (purchased from the Endless Summer Sale). I love the enamel buttons on this cardigan, which you can't see in this photo. This is a good, classic cardigan, very easy to wear. My only complaint is the sleeves are massively long.
Not shown was my Lilly fleece from last year's sale. I should get a new one, I wear that thing All The Time. I bought it on a whim, mostly because it was a really good price, but it's definitely one of my most useful purchases. I love things like that!
On my feet were my rose gold McKims, but man I wish I'd worn proper shoes, my feet were freezing by the time we got back to the hotel!
My cropped jeans were not Lilly jeans- I can never find any in my size!

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