Monday, October 27, 2008

Brief update: knitting schedule

No cooking lately (despite plans for more pumpkin bars, apple crisp and apple cupcake/muffins this weekend- I went drinking with D instead. I deserve it, thesis is very stressful), but some knitting updates.

I had family and in-law family up this weekend (it was the Big Meeting of the Families), and mom took me to White River Yarns, the LYS (local yarn shop), and she treated me to nearly all the yarn I expect to need for the next 2-3 months!! (nearly because two projects were not included, but these are projects that will use inexpensive yarn from Joann's, so I'll buy them in small batches with the 40% off coupons, as needed).

This pleases me greatly, half because I can't actually afford my knitting addiction, and half because she was nice enough to do this :) Thanks, mom.

I'll try to post a picture of the new purchases tomorrow, but I got fancy yarn and fancy needles for Grandma for her birthday, 2 skeins for my Color Swap partner (one I'll knit and one I'll give with an appropriate pattern), one skein to finish a semi-secret project (i.e. Christmas gift for someone), 4 balls for cup cozies for all my family, one skein of classic self-striping sock yarn for myself, and a hat pattern that'll hopefully turn into a hat for my dad (using stash yarn- he lost the one I knit him last year (or possibly the year before) and that project left more than half a ball). I also bought (with my own money) some nice turquoise worsted merino at the farmer's market, which'll turn into chevalier mittens for mom.

I'm currently working on Muscari socks, and completed the heel last night. Once I finish that, I'll start the color swap project, assemble that package and mail it off, and then cast on a Christmas gift of the same swap project pattern (since I'll be on a roll with it by then), and then I have two other Christmas gifts that are just barely beyond casting on. Then hat, finish the semi-secret gift, another (larger) gift, and baby stuff. The baby stuff, however, will be started after Christmas, because none of it's really needed until January.


Cate said...

Hey, i loved that someone else was as behind as me in the colour swap, and decided to check out your blog, i'm glad i did....chocolate cupcake day?!? I know i'm in england, but that's still a holiday i'd like to celebrate...15th of december did you say? what an awesome excuse!

Cate said...

Hey, it's not just an american/british language barrier thing it would seem, i live in a different area to where i was brought up, and no one here acalls them buns either, but it amuses me too, and i like to be different!
I saw the lime curd ones too, on one pretty thing, that's what inspired us, but since we didn't have any, we used lime jelly, or maybe jello, is that what you call it :o) it looked kind of creepy but wasn't quite as slimy, but still fun!

I think i'm gonna be working right up to the deadline for the color swap too, i have everything, but i'm just not sure on the yarn i've chosen - oops! Good luck with yours too, good to know i'm not the only slow coach!

Cate said...

oooh, gosh, what and essay, sorry!