Thursday, October 9, 2008

In which I am unoriginal

Man, I'm bummed about this recent post from Cupcakes Take the Cake.

Double Kisses Chocolate Cupcakes
where hershey's kisses are set inside cupcake batter, so have an ooey gooey center once baked.

I am bummed because I was going to do this, and now the whole world (well, the whole cupcake-obsessed world, I suppose not everyone reads Cupcakes Take the Cake) will know about it!

But, um, I actually got the idea from an episode of Dinner Impossible on the food channel, the one where they're cooking dinner for Hershey's employees, and it was something one of the Hershey's chefs mentioned. So, yeah, I have no reason to be bummed.

Especially since I have new very awesome recipes to share (pictures soon, I forgot to snap any of the cookies this morning.

Pumpkin Blondies (link to follow, is down). Oooh. Although I highly recommend severely cutting back on the chips- I couldn't really taste the pumpkin over the massive amounts of chocolate.

Candy Corn Sugar Cookies! Easy, cute and tasty.

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