Wednesday, October 15, 2008

National Cupcake Day

I'm woefully behind on posting! so sorry. I have several FO's to show off, food pictures to share, a package to post about, and a gift that I'm incredibly excited to use. However, thesis is priority, so blogging waits...

oh yeah, and I'm going to Disney World tomorrow. woohoo!!

Anyway, rumor has it that Saturday, Oct 18th is National Cupcake Day. There is, however, some discrepancy and discussion with the National Food Holidays site, which say it's December 15th.

Um, why not just celebrate twice? These are cupcakes, people, they can have 2 days!

I will make doubly sure to eat a Disney World cupcake (or perhaps just a Norwegian or French pastry instead) on Saturday.

Edit: I've been perusing the National Food Holiday website, and I am just so amused. Every day is the special day for some food! I wonder how possible it would be to eat the day's special food, every day for a whole year. Only... I think I'd have to skip National Scrapple Day. I am not Chef Duff.

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