Sunday, November 2, 2008

This is turning into a thesis blog.

Ok, update.
Chapter 2: check.
Chapter 3: Version 3 form (maybe final?)
Chapter 3 Appendix: same as above.
Chapter 1: version 2 is with Charlie
Chapter 4: version 2 is coming along and will get to Charlie sometime tomorrow.
Abstract: version 2.0, needing some more tweaking before it gets back to Charlie.

Chapter 2: check.
Chapter 3/Appendix: minor tweaking, adjusting brightness/contrast, fussing with labels, etc
Chapter 1
1.2: almost check.
1.3: borrows heavily from 1.2, so won't take too long
1.1: um, not started yet, hopefully won't take long- it's all mindless ppt cartooning, though.
Chapter 4: one figure, almost check.

Then I have to do the intro text: table of contents, list of figures, acknowledgements, dedication. Then assemble the entire thing.

Non-thesis update: um, the GSC Halloween party was rather dismal. Bad music, lots of drunk 23-year-olds (apparently everyone pregames, although everyone only get 2 free drinks now, and it's expensive to buy, so I don't really blame them.) Although I had cheez balls, and I love fake cheez flavor. I liked my costume. I wish I'd had friends there so there were pictures of me that were not solely for the purpose of photographing my costume.

I cast on my color swap knitted item. I stayed up too late last night and got quite a bit done- I should get to the 50% complete point tonight.

I baked more apple cupcakes yesterday. However, no time for frosting, so they're more like apple muffins. Still, yum.

I'm exhausted. I'm tension headache-y. My headache meds take the headache away but leave me nauseas- so which is worse, headache or nausea? Yesterday was nausea, today I'll go for headache.

Charlie said this is the hardest part of my graduate career and he was so right.

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