Tuesday, November 11, 2008

National Vanilla Cupcake Day

This is how I celebrated this momentous, Christmas-like holiday:
Magnolia's vanilla cupcake and vanilla buttercream recipes, topped with fondant stars.

The cupcakes were made using a pan given to me by my colorswap partner, which is so appreciated!! I think mini cupcakes will work better for me than regular ones, just because of the reasons I make them (for example, half the time I bring them anywhere, there's so much other food that people can't handle a whole cupcake, so minis will be perfect- then they'd really replace a cookie).And in thesis news, I'm starting to get really nervous- butterflies nervous. My defense is 10 days away, so I guess I'd better throw myself head-first into preparing, to help reduce the butterflies.

Think good thoughts for me on Friday, Nov 21! 10am is my public presentation, 11am is the private defense.

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