Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A quickie

A more detailed post will follow, but somone posted this on ravelry, and I was highly amused/indignant and wanted to share.

This is from Yarn Harlot's blog, aka Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, a knitter who has written several books on knitting. She is basically a professional knitter.

Text from the blog entry:

An Actual Conversation

Yesterday afternoon I was knitting on the subway, headed toward Rachel H's house so that we could go up to the Aurora Guild and drink beer and eat butter tarts speak to the guild. (Good times.) I sat there, going round and round on a sock with four DPNs, and a woman and her son, maybe 7 or eight years old, got on and sat opposite me. The boy watched me for a little bit, and then turned to his mum and said
"What's she doing?" The mum looks and me, then turns to him and says, quite confidently
"She's crocheting". I smile at the pair of them, and then I say to the little boy
"Actually, it's knitting!"
...and the mum looks at me, quirks her eyebrow up, and says, in a haughty and reproachful voice:

"Excuse me... I think I know the difference."

I have my own knitting story from my trip, which I'll share, along with the tasty foods I partook in.

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