Wednesday, November 7, 2012

WIAW #6: Election Day

It's time for another What I Ate Wednesday! See Jenn's blog for the whole line-up of WIAW participants.

As you probably know, we just had the big presidential election. I'm normally pretty uninterested in politics, but I had definite ideas and opinions this time around, so I paid attention. As a result, yesterday had some stress eating.

Breakfast was normal. Actually I found some Portuguese muffins at Christmas Tree Shops the other day, so I had one. I got the cinnamon raisin, which aren't quite as good as plain, but maybe this brand isn't as good as I'm used to. Well, really what happened is that I saw some turkey plates and had to text a photo to my mom, to see if they were the same things she has (since there were some nice platters for super cheap) and she and I were texting back and forth while I was in the food section and I kept smelling the most delicious, vaguely familiar smell... eventually I realized it was raisin bread smell, and I turned around and saw these. Mine!
And I had my normal egg, coffee with skim milk and water. I'm rotating through jams lately, none of the ones we have open really excite me. I'm sure I have some wonderful jam in the fridge, it's just a matter of digging far enough back to find it.

Lunch was a mutsu apple with 2 laughing cow wedges. Just before lunch, we walked to the polls (1.3 miles each way), and when I got back I was too hungry to remember to photograph my lunch before I finished it! I also had this delicious popcorn, the stuff I got in my latest Foodie Penpals package, and it's so addicting!

Then I had Halloween candy. Sigh. Stress eating. To stop myself, I went upstairs and sewed for a few hours (can sewing instead of eating count as "falling into good habits"?). Before we went to Florida, we were in Halloween mode. Now things seem to be in full-on Christmas mode, which means I really need to restock my Christmas items in my etsy shop! Here are the new additions to my Christmas collection

Here's a Christmas tree skirt from last year I'm bringing back

Dinner was fish tacos (leftovers, actually). I took a bunch of food from my parents' house after the hurricane, since they'd lost power and nearly everything in their freezer thawed. We got 2lbs of cod from them, and we used half of it in fish tacos (the other half in fish kibbe, but I need to tweak the recipe before posting. I had to make some substitutions and hopefully they are why it was a little boring).

(confession- this photo was from the previous night's dinner, I didn't have the beer last night)
I really love the slaw I made- 1/2head of red cabbage, then a dressing of about 3 or 4T lime juice, 1/2T honey, about 1/2t cumin, a dash of chipotle powder and a pinch of sea salt. I meant to chop some cilantro and toss in, but I ended up just putting cilantro on the tacos themselves. So simple and tasty.

On Tuesdays I have choir rehearsal, and the whole rehearsal was spent checking numbers on Huffington Post. We got out 15 minutes early, since we were all a little tense, and then I came home for some peanut butter mochi (which, honestly, is a little weird. The pb filling is good, but the mochi tastes kind of like baked beans. In a weird way. I love baked beans, but it's a weird context.).

Then I decided it was time for a drink, so I had a bit of Northern Comfort. It didn't give me much comfort, I realized I need to dilute in something- apple cider is good. I would have had wine, but we didn't have any open bottles!

Then the election was more or less over, and I made the mistake of checking up on facebook. It started making me too mad, so I went to bed. :p

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Heather @ InHerChucks said...

That cinnamon raisin bread looks divine! Toast some of that with butter and I am set :)

Thanks for sharing. Happy WIAW...