Tuesday, August 18, 2009

To-do lists and planning

In our last installment, I showed you pictures of my new kitchen. And promised you more. Well, those pictures have yet to be taken, must less posted, but I did host my first party in our new house this weekend: my bachelorette party. The b-lette included such foods as cupcakes from Kickass Cupcakes in Somerville (very good, especially the super dark chocolate frosting), cookies of unmentionable shapes, and my new favorite snack food, pita chips (I especially love the cinnamon sugar and the sea salt, and hope to try the Tuscan herb next). The b-lette after leaving my house included delicious tapas, sangria, and sparkling rose.

My wedding is in 19 days, but I prefer to think of it as the number of items left on my to-do list away, which currently is 41 things (I must be forgetting something). I had great plans to blog about my wedding planning, which I thought would be great to have, and read over later, but I've done a horrendous job of keeping it up. I guess I was a bit busier than I expected.

Lately, though, instead of thinking of wedding and planning and assembling programs and wrapping gifts and writing thank you notes, I'm bookmarking and printing out recipes.... recipes to make after the wedding, when I have time! Is that bad?

Some examples:
fried ice cream (assuming we get the deep fryer off our registry)
bread- just bread in general.

And I'm looking forward to eating cheese fondue again- I haven't had it in 7 months, which I'm sure is the main reason my predicted-to-be-too-small wedding dress is too big.

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