Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Recent photos

Rather than integrating these where they should go, I'm just sticking all these recent photos here.

Cupcakes from Sweet in Worcester. In the box on the left: peanut butter chocolate, chocolate peppermint, cookies and cream, raspberry buttercream and vanilla cake. In the box on the right: vanilla/vanilla, and raspberry buttercream with chocolate cake or vanilla cake. I didn't get to try the peanut butter or peppermint, but I'm assured they were great. :-DMy cocktail party
clockwise, from the left:
veggie platter
ranch dip in a pepper (Cabot brand, I didn't make it myself)
more veggies
endive stuffed with boursin and pecans
coconut macaroons
Samantha's artichoke tarragon dip in her snazzy mini crockpot
baguette and rosemary sourdough
Trader Joe's triple layer hummus
cheese platter: brie, apricot stilton, maple smoked gouda, sage cheddar, mozzarella/prosciutto roll, dried black figs
chicken sausage and cheese tart
my favorite brand of olive tapenade
corn and shitake fritters
not pictured: kahlua ice cream

menu ideas that didn't make the cut included:
baked brie
pear and blue cheese tarts
poached figs with chevre
sausage profiteroles

however, at a party with only 6 invited guests, it seems silly to serve so much food. I think I'll save the entire proposed menu for my housewarming party, which will have well over 6 on the guest list.

I went to Shaw's yesterday and came out with a loaf of raisin bread.... and today, when I ate it, I noticed it reminds me a great deal of brioche. Do I feel a raisin bread pudding coming on?

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Anonymous said...

you officially have me longing for every item on your menu! with cupcakes! peppermint, no less!! (i'm such a fan of peppermint!) what a beautiful spread, Catherine- i love taking the time to make unnecessary amounts of food for a small amount of people! it's just that sometimes i can't bear to cut things from the list!! (i mean cooking, baking and prepping is half the fun of entertaining!)

lastly, i dub thee with the letter D.