Thursday, April 3, 2008

A new blog! About food! and other good stuff.

I have been toying with the idea of revamping this blog for a little while, but certain things have held me back. It's going to be a FOOD BLOG! Ooh. Cool. Also a perhaps a knitting blog. Hey, let's just say it's a Domestic Goddess blog (although you'll never hear me tell you about my housekeeping skills, because I don't have any).

Ok, great, food and knitting. What does one need to blog about food and knitting?

1. be a halfway decent cook/knitter, and enjoy cooking/knitting.


2. Be able to photograph all that to show it off and make the blog interesting.

Ch.... wait.

I'm not a stellar photographer. I know some stellar photographers, maybe I can get in cahoots with one of them from time to time, and show you pretty photos.

Another problem with my photography (perhaps the main problem) is that I have terrible lighting in my condo. I can really only get decent pictures of anything during a bright sunny morning/early afternoon, and over near the glass door of my living room. This is as far as one can get from the kitchen, and I'd really prefer to photograph food in the kitchen. However, for the sake of this new blog attempt, I'll try to optimize the photogenecity of items in my home.

For now, I'll leave you with a good recipe for stuffed pork chops.
These are quite delicious and when I make them (which is fairly often in the rotation of meat that I cook), I usually have the following as sides:
polenta with whatever cheese is in my fridge (very easy to make from scratch- and pour the pork chop cream sauce on the polenta, that's really good)
sauteed spinach and mushrooms (saute up some sliced mushrooms with butter and salt until they're soft, then add in fresh spinach, and voila, a lovely, buttery dish)
baked sweet potato "fries" (slice sweet potatoes into steak fry-like wedges, coat in salt and other spices and either oil or citrus juice (I prefer citrus juice, but either is fine) and bake for maybe 30 min or so at 325.)

Note: this is not really something you can whip up when you get home at 8pm or later on a weekday night, which is my normal schedule. I like to make these on weekend nights when I have all afternoon to cook, and then make a huge batch and have leftovers all week. These make really good leftovers.


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Elizabeth said...

Your blog is making me hungry photos necessary but will look forward to them! Love to share thoughts and ideas about cooking!!!