Wednesday, September 5, 2012

USPS does it again! FPP

You'll recall my FPP post on Friday, 8/31, when I mentioned it was the FPP reveal day but I had no package to reveal.

Now I do! Thanks for USPS hiccuping and asking my package to hang out in Pittsburgh for a few days, I received it about a week late. From all my dealings with USPS, I know this happens often, and fortunately I've found that the packages usually arrive eventually (one exception, but that was customs' fault).

Anyway, without further ado, my first FPP package!

Bethany put together this package for me. When she asked me what I'd like, I couldn't really think of anything, so I told her I'm trying to find healthier snacks for when I'm stuck in the car all day (since gummi bears and biscoff cookies probably aren't the best thing). Lately I've been having to drive to Boston a lot, which takes me anywhere between 1.5 and 3.5 hours. And since I'm going all that way, I usually add in some other metro west errands, making my trip last most of the day and leaving me very, very hungry by the time I'm heading home.

She mailed me power bar energy bites, which I'm saving for a day when my eating/exercise schedule requires a little nourishment before my workout (since that's what the package recommends!). I also got a Good Nature granola bar which will be great for a busy work day- of course I haven't actually worked since I received this package, but I'm on both days this weekend. I also got some raspberry jam which is made near her, and this is perfect because I never got over to the farm to pick raspberries this summer, and therefore won't be able to make any raspberry jam! She sent some packaging to use for my car snacks, and a yerba mate drink that looks really intriguing.

Unfortunately, while my package sat in Pittsburgh, it appears to have been sat upon by something large and heavy. As a result, my banana chips, nutella to go and peanut butter did not survive the trip. However, I am inspired to get some banana chips and eat them with peanut butter. Not exactly something to eat while driving, but I can down a few while sitting in the parking lot between errands! Thank you, Bethany!

Now I'm busy getting ready for my next FPP package. I stopped in my favorite foodie fun store in CT for a few things, and now I need to add in a few other goodies. I'm also learning a lot of people actually bake something to send... I like that idea! I just have to think of what...

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