Thursday, June 7, 2012

Summer! Part 1

Last week I fiiiinally made it to the big Lilly store to check out summer! I had checked out two smaller Lilly stores earlier in May, but neither had very much, only a few pieces of You Gotta Regatta and some tops. On this particular day, I was somewhat pressed for time, as I fit this “shopping” trip in between dropping my husband off at the airport and arriving on campus for my 10th college reunion. So I kept thinking, can I fit it all in? Are they open Sunday and I can come back and finish?

Well, friends, no worries on the timing, since most of their stock was spring. Le sigh.

Let’s start with the earlier trip to the smaller Lilly store in May. I came home with 2 things, a white crocheted Shauna and a green Cody cardigan (not pictured, total impulse buy when I saw it on the sale table!).

I love this Shauna. I got a L, and I really didn’t think I’d like it, but Mom urged me to try it. I definitely think it requires some undergarments, but that’s easy. Mine!
Next I tried the Rosalee top in worth blue with the Lynnie skirt in YGR. I’m with everyone else, I love YGR. I’m iffy on Lynnie, I tried a 10, my normal bottoms size, but it was a little tight. It may go on my list when summer goes on sale. I’m definitely getting Rosalee though. It’s cute but not crazy.

I can’t remember what this top is called (it’s not on, I think it’s from spring) but I’mnot a fan. The mesh sleeves are different and cute, but it’s sack-like. The girl working that day loves it so much and raved, but…. not for me!

The Millie jacket, size L. Not in love. It’s just kind of boxy and weirdly big. And why are the sleeves so long?! I have long arms anyway, I'm really not used to sleeves being like this.
 Cleo top, L. So many others love this, but I just feel like I have a chute running down my chest. But I don’t really like halters, so it already had that strike against it! I like the ruffles on the Rosalee, and I feel like I’d like this if it were a sleeveless tank, so I think it’s just the halter.

Gale tank in Chum Bucket, size L. I liked this! Mom wasn’t madly in love with it. I like that it’s flowy and long, but not clingy and long like Lana and Leila. Definitely doesn't work with this skirt, though!

 Now onto last Friday's trip. Up first is my favorite!! The Briony, size L. THIS IS WHAT I'VE BEEN LOOKING FOR!. I want an easy-to-wear knit Lilly dress, something to just throw on and look reasonably cute. It's been so hard to find! Well, here it is. And at $118, it'll actually be affordable (once it goes on sale! I'm so cheap haha)
Now, you may be saying, hey wait, Briony has flutter sleeves.
 Well, my friends, you're right! I dont' really like them, with my broad shoulders I feel like they look like wings. I just tucked them in above.
 This next one was a surprise. This is Kolby, in a 10 (I'd prefer a 12, or to lose 10 lbs). I adored this in the catolog. Then I noticed it had a front zipper and I was completely turned off. Why? In my experience, front zippers bulge weirdly, especially around curves. I could imagine this dress puffing out very oddly and unattractively in the bust. So when I tried it on (also, the way it fit when I was shimmying into it, I can't believe I got it zipped, it seemed so small) I was very pleased to see that the zipper lies flat, and when I sit, bend over, twist around, anything, it moves the same way the rest of the dress was. Either Lilly uses state-of-the-art zippers or zipper technology has improved! So I need to have this.
 Tinsley, size 12. It looks ok here, but I didn't really love it at the time. It fit fine, though. I think I'd prefer the waistband to blend better, it's kind of a strange stripe of yellow in a non-yellow print.
 Camie. Big fat EW! I was really hoping I'd love this, since everyone else does- but just like Cassie and Somerset, it's not for me! Way to make my waist look wider than my hips! That's great.

Everyone does say to size down, and this is an M. It's big in some places and the right size in others. This is Guiding Light, and I love this print close up (light houses!) but not from afar, it just turns into a weird grey-green.
 Camie, L, in YGR. Yeah... it's big. At least now my waist looks the same size as my hips, though! No more spare tire!
 Kori dress, L. The straps are too long (what else is new?), and I think if I hadn't already tried on Briony, I'd be raving about this one. It's cute but honestly I wish the waist band were a little looser, compared to how roomy the rest of the dress is. This could be a bad choice to wear to an all-you-can-eat buffet with that waist.
 I can't remember what this is, and can't find it on, but it's an L. I liked it well enough- again, if not for Briony I'd probably like it a lot more!
 The Whitney pant! in size 10, my normal bottoms size. A lot of people are saying to size down, but I'm not sure I would- I didn't try an 8, though so I can't say for sure. The legs were baggy- thank god! I'm so over this skinny jean fad. These fit great in the hips/butt, and were just a little roomy in the waist. I think I'd rather get this size and nip them in at the waist.
 Then there's the length issue. I'm not a huge fan of cuffing my pants (I think I had my fill of that in middle school). Here's unrolled- kind of an odd ankle length.
 Here's if I hemmed them to be capris.
 In conclusion, I think I like Whitney. I think I'll keep my eye out for a pair of 10s in Chum Bucket once it's all on sale.

Kiera, size 12. I couldn't zip it. I don't love it- but it's not as bad as Eryn. I do love these shades of blue.
 Hilary, size 12. Yikes! I had no hope of zipping this one, and again, I don't like halters. It was more because they had the same stuff as the last time I was there and I still had some time to kill.
 Delia, size 12. Why can't these be longer?!? It's such a great shift! But I can't wear this in public and actually move around, get in to and out of a car, etc.
 I also hate the zipper on Delia. I'm fine with the exposed zipper, I really have no opinion on that. I like the grosgrain trim. But a neon pink grosgrain trim that clashes with the pink in YGR? WHY!??! I think it looks terrible. Like they found a hidden stash of grosgrain ribbon leftover from the 80s and used it to cut costs. It's just jarring. Thank goodness this isn't a front zip dress and at least the wearer doesn't have to look at it all the time!
 Finally, Grace shorts, size 10. I'm a bermuda girl. I like to hide my legs as much as possible. Also, sitting is comfortable in bermudas. Sitting is decidedly NOT comfortable in callahans, since the hems cut into my thighs, and on top of be uncomfortable, my thighs bulge around that hem. Gross. Bermudas prevent that. Grace has a 7in inseam, smack dab in the middle of Bermuda and Callahan. There is very minimal thigh bulging when sitting. I may consider these. It'd be nice to have a different length of short to choose from.

Hopefully the Lilly store will get another shipment at some point so I can go check it out! There were a few other summer goodies I wanted to try, but were only available in size 6 or smaller, which is totally useless for me. I also kind of ignored all the tops, for some unknown reason. And I was disappointed to see no maxi dresses, since people are raving about those, and I might actually like them.

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