Monday, July 27, 2009

The Wedding Cheese Tasting

Doesn't everyone get excited for this? Tasting cheese varieties to potentially serve at one's wedding. Maybe it's just me.

I'm very pleased to say I now have a dairy guy. A dairier? A dairer? Maybe just a dairy farmer. There's a farm in Granby that makes amazing chevre- readers of this blog may be familiar with my undying love for chevre. This particular farmer (farmers, really, it's a family operation) is more local than the word "local" can describe- the milk and cheese he produces are from cows partially fed on things grown on my grandma's land (since we're definitely not farmers, farming being done outdoors, etc).

We went to visit the farm and bought quite a bit of stuff from their cheese shop... including 3 varieties of flavored chevre as possible wedding cheeses. I've tried cranberry (good), orange honey (kind of bland, but still good) and apricot maple (the current winner). I'm going to place an order from Dorothy for some sort of really fat, 150-person reception-sized block of chevre. I may be more excited about the wedding cheese than about the wedding cake!

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